Host Families

Registered host families are contacted when a request for a homestay is received. Families can consider the request (timing, conditions, etc.) and decide whether to apply to host.

Recent Homestays

  • Homestay of 2 nights/3 days for university students from Vietnam visiting Japan as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ JENESYS 2.0 youth exchange program.
    Hosting body: Japan Overseas Cooperative Association
  • 6 month homestay for exchange students from China studying at Takasaki University of Economics.
    Hosting body: Takasaki University of Economics
  • Homestay of 10 days for a teacher participating in Takasaki City’s exchange teacher program visiting from Takasaki’s sister city of Battle Creek, USA.
    Hosting body: Takasaki International Relations Society


Hosting of visiting teacher from Battle Creek, USA