Youth Development Section

This section plans and produces events that promote international exchange for youth. Meetings are held once a month from 1pm in the International Relations Corner. There are around 7 activities per year, held mostly on weekends.


Online Global Leaders Presentation (8/14) 【Using ZOOM】

Ryosuke Teraoka, who works for the United Nations Habitat and is currently in Iraq, joined 30 children online to tell them about his work with the UN and about his role in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Presentation for Children about Fair Trade(2/16)

【Chuo Kominkan】

Ms. Yukiko Oyanagi from Asian Rural Institute in Tochigi gave a presentation to children from the Junior International Club and other participants. She talked about where the chocolate, bananas and other everyday items in our lives come from and what fair trade means.

International Understanding Seminar for Children(9/1)

【Chuo Kominkan】
Junior International Club members listened to the presentation of two former members, Asuka and Kodai Uesugi. Asuka is an elementary school teacher, and Kodai a public servant in Tokyo. The members were able to think about their future careers and get hints for possible education routes to take.