Takasaki International Relations Society

The Takasaki International Relations Society works with people from around the world to create a peaceful and fair society by providing opportunities for people of different languages, cultures and customs to come together, exchange information and knowledge, and better understand one another.

Recent activities

Japanese Newsletter “Tomodachi” April 2020

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Presentation for Children about Fair Trade(2/16)

【Chuo Kominkan】

Ms. Yukiko Oyanagi from Asian Rural Institute in Tochigi gave a presentation to children from the Junior International Club and other participants. She talked about where the chocolate, bananas and other everyday items in our lives come from and what fair trade means.

Tabunka Salon – Vietnam(2/9)

【Chuo Kominkan】

On 9th February 2020, Tabunka Salon – Vietnam – was held at the Chuo Kominkan. Participants enjoyed hearing about the geography, culture and history of the country as well as enjoying Vietnamese tea and sweets.

Sweets of the World Cooking(9/8)

Guests from Taiwan, América, Bangladesh and Vietnam taught 30 participants how to make sweets from their home countries, and then everyone enjoyed sampling the sweets while chatting.