Coronavirus-related support programs


(In Takasaki, as of 27th May 2020)


*Residents of other cities should call their own city

or the national hotline number



Support Type Eligibility Program Name Description Contact (in Takasaki)
Benefits All people registered as residents of Takasaki on 27th April 2020 Special cash payment
JPY100,000 per recipient
Applications were sent out in June 2020
Takasaki Special Cash Payment Office 027-321-1249
or National Hotline
Households with children 0 to 15 years (junior high school) Special benefit to households raising children

JPY10,000 per child – No application necessary, was paid in June to eligible accounts of families receiving the child allowance (jido teate) in April 2020 Children & Families Division
or National Hotline
People who cannot pay rent and are at risk of losing housing Housing security benefit
Pay a portion of your rent for you, directly to your landlord for 3 months (up to 9 months in eligible cases) Social Welfare Division
or National Hotline
Foreign students Emergency student support handout for continuing studies
JPY100,000 to 200,000 Student Administration Office
of your school
Loan People who can bearly make their ends meet Temporary loan
emergency funds

Single-person households: JPY650,000 maximum
Households of two or more people: JPY800,000 maximum
Takasaki City Council of Social Welfare (Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai) 027-370-8855
or National Hotline 0120-46-1999
Reduction or Exemption
People who cannot pay insurance premiums, national/prefectural/
municipal taxes, or utility bills
Reduction or extension of payment deadline for your taxes Reduction or extension of the national health insurance premiums (kokumin kenko hoken), long-term care insurance premiums (kaigo hoken), national pension premiums (kokumin nenkin) Insurance & Pension Division
Extension of payment deadline for your taxes Extension of your national/prefectural/municipal taxes due National Tax:0120-948-249
City Tax: 027-321-1226
Extension of payment deadline for utility bills Extension of your electricity, gas, telephone, NHK, and other utility bills due Your power/water/gas utility company
Period of stay is about to be expired; have a residential status pending Extension of your period
of stay
Residential status application period is extended Takasaki Branch Office,
Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau
Period of receiving application screening results is extended
Cannot return to home country Change of your
residential status
Residential status can be changed