The Takasaki International Relations Society holds a wide range of events.

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【Wagashi Making Class,  July 2023】

Participants learned how to make 2 different types of Japanese traditional sweets under the careful guidance of master confectioner Kei Miyazawa Sensei, owner of Mishoan Wagashi Store in Takasaki. Afterwards they posted about their experience on various social media platforms.

Field Trip: MOMAT & The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Aug, 2023)

TIRS led 16 students on a guided field trip to the Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At MOMAT, participants observed differences between Japanese and western art and shared their interpretations of pieces freely. At MOFA, they were given behind-the-scenes access to conference rooms and learned more about the kind of work being done there.

30th Anniversary of Takasaki International Relations Society

Cameroon-born Manga artist and author Rene Hoshino recorded an online presentation for TIRS that was made public from 1st to 14th November 2021, and received 750 views. He talked for an our about nationality, language, culture and how these relate to different people living in the same society.

Online Global Leaders Presentation (Aug 2021)

Ryosuke Teraoka, who works for the United Nations Habitat and is currently in Iraq, joined 30 children online to tell them about his work with the UN and about his role in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Online Tabunka Salon ~Vietnam~ (Sept 2021)

Thao Nguyen, a 2nd year student at Jobu University, was guest for this online event presenting about the culture and lifestyle of Vietnam. 12 participants enjoyed talking with her, and discovering new things about her home country.


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