The Takasaki International Relations Society holds a wide range of events.

Japanese Language Learning Support Training

Japanese class volunteers are given the chance to participate in yearly training to further their skills, and better understand how to approach teaching Japanese as a second language.

In fall 2023, training took place over 2 seminars. The 1st was led by current volunteer Mr. Oya, who presented various materials (including ones handmade by himself) that have proved useful in the classroom. The 2nd was led by Mrs. Hoan Thao, a Vietnamese national who teaches with G Community, an NPO located in Isesaki.

Book Club Eikaiwa (2023)

【Chuo Kominkan】

During the 10 week course, participants took on the challenge of reading beloved children’s book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in English. Several chapters of reading were assigned each week. In class, participants engaged in group discussions based on themes in the book as well as plenty of pair work to hone their English communication skills. On the last day of class, everyone gathered to watch the movie version in English. The course was led by Takasaki CIR Alex Takahashi.

Sites for Learning Japanese

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Daily life support portal for foreign nationals

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Cool Takasaki

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【Thai Cooking Class,  March 2024】

The class was led by Sarisa Sano and her son, who own the Thai restaurant Laithai located in Azuma-cho, Takasaki.

Participants learned how to make 3 classic Thai dishes: gapao rice, spring roll salad, and bua loy (sweet rice balls simmered in coconut milk). Everyone enjoyed eating, drinking Thai tea, and asking questions about Thai culture. Afterwards they posted about their experience on various social media platforms.

Daily Life Around the World (March, 2024)

The Youth Development Section invited guests to come and give cultural presentations and play games with children in Takasaki. 4 guests representing America, Canada, Panama, and The Philippines showed what daily life is like in their respective countries. Afterwards, children received personalized awards from the guests as well as goodie bags filled with snacks from various countries.

30th Anniversary of Takasaki International Relations Society

Cameroon-born Manga artist and author Rene Hoshino recorded an online presentation for TIRS that was made public from 1st to 14th November 2021, and received 750 views. He talked for an our about nationality, language, culture and how these relate to different people living in the same society.

Daily Life Around the World (March 2024)

3 Assistant Language Teachers and 1 member of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) joined forces to present on the daily lives of people living in the U.S., Canada, Philippines, and Panama. Through a variety of presentations and games, particpants learned some surprising differences and similarities between Japan and other countries. Prizes, including candy from different countries, were handed out at the end.