カテゴリー: Information for Daily Life

Where to go if you get sick on a Sunday or public holiday (Kyujitsu Toban-i)

‘Kyujitsu toban i’: are the medical clinics on duty on Sundays and public holidays. Surgery hours are 9am to 6pm. Be sure to take along your health insurance card.  ※Schedule changes monthly, see 15th-of-the-month Takasaki Koho for full list. For other cities, see your local city magazine.


Date 7th July (Sun) 14th July (Sun) 15th July (Pub. Hol.) 21st July (Sun) 28th July (Sun)
 Internal Medicine(Naika) Igusa Iin(Tenjin-cho)☎027-362-2833 Kobayashi Naika Ichoka Iin(Ino-machi)☎027-362-5188 Monden Naika Clinic(Tenjin-cho)☎027-384-3701 Zennyoji Iin(Kuragano-machi)☎027-346-2382 Okamura Icho Clinic(Azuma-cho)☎027-310-1211
Nishioka Iin(Hamagawa-machi)☎027-344-2252 Kiriyama Clinic(Suehiro-cho)☎027-310-1234 Honobono Shinryosho(Yachiyo-machi 1)☎027-386-6385 Namie Clinic(Kaminamie-machi)☎027-362-5808 Sato KokyukikaIin(Iizuka-machi)☎027-362-5122
 Pediatrics(Shonika) Inui Shonika Naika Iin(Miyamoto-cho)☎027-322-3252 Shiroyama Clinic(Shiroyama-machi 2)☎027-327-2759 Kodomo Clinic Sone(Kamikobana-machi)☎027-360-4580 Miyashita Clinic(Shinbo-machi)☎027-360-5577 Shonika Sato Iin(Yanagawa-cho)☎027-322‒2145






In an emergency   FIRE/MEDICAL=dial 119    POLICE=dial 110  Both emergency numbers are able to handle calls from people speaking only English

City Night Clinic: (1F Takasaki Public Heath Center, Takamatsu-cho 5-28), Mon-Fri=7:30pm-10pm; Sat, Sun, pub. hol=7pm-10pm


TELL Tokyo English Life Line

Every day for 45 years TELL Lifeline has been providing important connections and support to people all across Japan. We save lives.TEL: 03-5774-0992

(9am – 11pm every day)https://telljp.com/lifeline/


Urgent Children’s Health Consultations

DIAL #8000 for urgent children’s health consultations at night and on holidays. Gunma Prefecture provides this telephone service for parents so they can receive advice from nurses and public health advisors about what to do in various urgent situations involving their child’s health at night and on weekends when regular clinics are not open.

For: Parents/guardians of children under 15 years

Available: Monday to Saturday=6pm to 8am the following day; Sunday, public holidays, end of year period=9am to 8pm the following day

How to call: Dial #8000 by pressing the hash key (#) followed by 8000 (not available from IP or pulse dial connections, these people must call from a mobile phone)

Please note:

・In a medical emergency, dial 119

・This service cannot diagnose or treat your child

・For information about hospitals that are on duty during holiday periods, call 027-325-0011.


International Medical Information Center

The AMDA International Medical Information Center provides information about hospitals with foreign language speaking staff, explanation of the Japanese medical system and telephone interpreting.

TEL: 03-5285-8088

Available: Everyday 9am-8pm

Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, etc.

City Outdoor Pools Open for Summer


Misato Pool (Nishiakiya 740)

Open: 13th July-1st September

Time: 9am-12 noon, 1pm-4:30pm

Closed: Sunday 28th July, Monday 29th July

Entrance: High school students and older=\200, junior high school age and younger=\100

Yoshii Pool (Yoshii-machi Maniwa 1783-6)

Open: 13th July-1st September

Time: 9am-12 noon, 1pm-4:30pm (closes 3pm on 1st September)

Entrance: High school age and older=\150, junior high school age and younger=\100

Hamagawa Pool (Hamagawa-machi 1575-1)

Open 6th July-1st September

Time: 9am-5pm

Entrance: High school age and older=\310, junior high school age and younger=\150

Jonan Pool (Shimowada-machi 2-11-1)

Open: 13th July-1st September

Time: 9am-5pm

Entrance: High school age and older=\310, junior high school age and younger=\150

Gunma Pool (Kaneko-machi 490-1)

Open 13th July-1st September

Time: 9am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-5pm (closes at 12:30pm on 1st September)

Entrance: Free

Kannonyama Park Pool (Ishihara-machi 2740-2)

Open: 29th June-1st September, weekends and public holidays between 7th September and 16th September

Time: 9am-4:30pm

Entrance: Elementary school age and older=\100

Special Kannonyama Park bus departs the west side of Takasaki Station at 8:30am, 9:45am, 11:10am, 12:45pm and 2:35pm. Returns to the station from the pool at 10:15am, 11:40am, 1:15pm, 3:05pm, 5:15pm.


Health Check Coupons


Takasaki sends out coupons for reduced price health checks to households every year. The coupons can be used at certain hospitals and clinics to undergo different health checks according to age group and gender.

Check Types: Lung, stomach, colon, breast, cervical, prostate cancer checks; bone density, hepatitis, dental health, and general lifestyle-related disease assessment.

More Information: Dates, cost, and content of each checkup can be found in the Kenko-no-Shiori public health guidebook that was distributed to all households at the beginning of April.



Free City Center Shuttle


This is a new service linking the west exit of Takasaki Station with restaurants and stores that are less accessible on foot. The “Omise Gururin Taxi” will run continuous circuits from 10am to 6pm daily. To hail the driver, just raise your hand. You can get on or off anywhere along the route.

Route: See map below

Cost: Free




SOS Service for Families of Small Children


TEL: 027-384-8009, 8:30am-6pm daily

This is a new home helper-style service provided by Takasaki city, aimed at supporting families by taking away some of the burden of household chores. A helper will visit you at home generally within one hour of your call to help you with what you need done.

Can be used by:

  • Residents of Takasaki who have children not yet in elementary school
  • Can be used regardless of whether parents are living with other family members or not

Can help with:

  • Help with feeding, changing and bathing babies
  • Meal preparation for the family, tiding up after meals
  • Cleaning the living room, kitchen or toilet
  • Doing laundry and ironing
  • Running errands to the supermarket, paying bills
  • Listening to parents’ concerns, giving advice

Cost: 250 yen per hour (paid in cash on the day)


National Health Insurance News

From April 2019, pregnant women wil lbe exempted from paying National Health Insurance payments for a period around the birth. To be eligible, you must complete the necessary paperwork available at the Insurance & Pension Division (hoken nenkin-ka) at window 15 on the 1st floor of Takasaki City Hall. The application can be made up to 6 months before the due date.

Eligible people must fulfill all of the following conditions:

  1. Enrolled in National Health (kokumin kenko hoken)
  2. Aged 20 to 59 years, can be self-employed, a primary producer (farmer or fisher), students.
  3. Have given birth or be due to give birth from 1st February 2019 onwards (including premature births, miscarriages, loss of newborn).

Period of exemption from paying National Health Insurance

From the month before the month of giving birth  for a total of 4 months. In the case of multiple births (twins, etc.) it is 3 months before the date of birth for a total of 6 months.

Proof needed to apply:

My Number card (paper card or plastic ID card)

Drivers license or other photo ID

Mother & Child Health Booklet (boshi techo)

Need an affidavit, ID and the personal seal of the applicant when a third party makes the application on behalf of the applicant.

Takasaki City One-Stop Center for Families Raising Children

Takasaki, Ta-machi 71, 2nd Floor

This center for families raising children and prospective parents offers useful information and advice in a range of related issues.

Child raising consultations & playroom

Staffed by public health nurses, childcare workers and educational experts, parents can access information and ask questions about raising their children. Principals of local nursery schools and kindergartens are available on a daily basis to give advice. The playroom has blocks and other simple toys where children can play freely or take a rest.

Open: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm. Closed public holidays.

Jobseeker help desk for parents

This desk offers information on job vacancies and training programs for parents looking to get back into the workforce.

Open: Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm. Closed public holidays.

Childcare Center “Kashinoki”

Provides childcare for children so parents can have some “me” time, attend to personal business, do the shopping, etc. Long-term or regular use is not possible.

Open: Everyday, 7:30am-10pm.

Age: 6 months-grade 3 elementary school children

Cost: 300 yen per hour

To use: Registration in advance is necessary.


Kurabuchi Kodomo Observatory


The Kurabuchi Kodomo Observatory opened in March in Kurabuchi Mizunuma Park. The Observatory is home to a Mitaka 30cm astronomical telescope, allowing children (and adults!) to enjoy the beautiful starry sky of Kurabuchi. The telescope once belonged to the City Youth Science Center and was located in Suehiro-cho, but it fell out of use when it’s protective casing was damaged in the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. It’s new home of Kurabuchi Mizunuma Park also has a soccer field and a trail run and is close to the popular hot springs of Aimagawa Onsen.

Observatory Hours: 7pm-9:30pm in April and May (times vary according to the season). Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Address: Kurabuchi-machi Mizunuma 2930

Entrance: Free

Website (Japanese) 


Applications for Childcare Places (hoikuen)


Applying for a Childcare Place for Children: Application procedure changes from April 2019

Applications now accepted once each month, results available within 2 weeks

How to apply: Contact the childcare center of your choice in advance and inspect the facilities. Application forms are available from the center. Complete the application form, attach any required documents, and submit it to the Childcare Division at Takasaki City Hall, or the Citizens Welfare Division at Branch Offices by the due date for entry of each particular month. It is now possible to apply for a place throughout the year. The result of the application will be mailed to you within 2 weeks.

Application Dates:

  • For places available from June 2019, apply between 1st-9th April
  • For places available from July, apply between 13th-21st May

Other dates will be available when enquiring, or in the Koho Takasaki Magazine.


Measles/Rubella Vaccination for Children


Takasaki offers free of charge the MR vaccination that is effective against measles and rubella, to children who are 1 year of age, or who are in the year before starting elementary school. From April of the year a child starts school, a fee is charged for the vaccination so please check your child’s vaccination record and be sure to get the shot. Consult your pediatrician in advance to find out what is required. Please contact the TIRS office (details below) for English information about children’s health.