Support Services

Please contact our office for more information.

Consultations (Provided by Takasaki City)

Consultations are held in the International Relations Corner on the 2nd floor of Takasaki City Hall. No appointment is needed.
Consultations by telephone are also welcome. TEL: 027-321-1201


English Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm
Chinese Monday & Thursday, 1pm - 5pm
Portuguese Monday & Thursday, 1pm - 5pm

Volunteer Interpreters (Bogoshien)

Volunteer interpreters can help with communication for city hall procedures, school interviews, children’s periodical checkups, shopping, etc. Please apply in advance by calling the International Relations Corner. TEL: 027-321-1201

Japanese Classes

Taught individually or in small groups by volunteer Japanese teachers.


Chuo Kominkan

27 Suehiro-cho

Tuesday Course (10am-12 noon)
Thursday Course (7pm-8:30pm)
Saturday Course (1:30pm-3:30pm)

Nakai Kominkan

3-21-1 Nakai-machi

Wednesday Course (6:30pm-8pm)

Gunma Fukushi Kaikan

977-1 Munadaka-machi

Monday Course (7pm-7:45pm)

Shinmachi Bunka Hall

3190-1 Shinmachi

Wednesday Course (10am-11:45am)
Saturday Course (10am-11:45am)

Yoshii-nishi Community Center

525 Nagane, Yoshiimachi

Tuesday Course (7pm-8:30pm)
Class Terms
Spring (May to July)
Autumn (September to December)
Winter (January to March)
Each course consists of 10 lessons.
Cost 500 yen per course (free for 18 years & younger)

Children’s Japanese Language Support

Children’s Japanese Language Support Volunteers can assist children of varying Japanese abilities aged 6 to 8 who have difficulty communicating in Japanese in their daily lives, or who are fine with everyday Japanese but have trouble keeping up with their schoolwork. The time and place of support is decided between the teacher and student.

Message Board(International Relations Corner, 2nd floor Takasaki City Hall)

The message board can be used to advertise things of interest to foreign residents or relating to international exchange that are deemed appropriate for display in a public place (e.g. sale of household goods, want to learn/teach English and other non-profit advertisements). Please fill out a card available at the International Relations Corner or apply with your own advertisement.

Foreign Language Library (International Relations Corner, 2nd floor Takasaki City Hall)

A small collection of English books that have been donated to the office are available for borrowing. Borrow as many books as you like for as long as you like! You can also swap your own English books for books from the library. The library also has some books in languages other than English.