Where to go if you get sick on a Sunday or public holiday (Kyujitsu Toban-i)

‘Kyujitsu toban i’: are the medical clinics on duty on Sundays and public holidays. Surgery hours are 9am to 6pm. Be sure to take along your health insurance card.  ※Schedule changes monthly, see 15th-of-the-month Takasaki Koho for full list. For other cities, see your local city magazine.



Date Sun 1st July Sun 8th July Sun 15th July Sun 16th July

(Pub. Hol.)

Sun 22nd July Sun 29th July
 Internal Medicine


Yoshida Shokaki Naika Clinic



Jinseido Iin



Igusa Iin



Tsukioka Naika Iin



Kobayashi Naika Ichoka Iin



Naika Okajo Clinic



Honobono Shinryosho (Yachiyo-machi 1)


CBC Clinic



Akagi Clinic



Momonoki Clinick



Toyooka Kokyukika Naika Clinic



Hanamizuki Naika





Kaizawa Chuo Byoin (Watanuki-machi)


Koizumi Shigeta Shonika (Iizuka-machi)


Arai Kinder Clinic



Hiura Iin



Hosoya Narishige Clinic (Oki-machi)


Hamajiri Clinic




In an emergency   FIRE/MEDICAL=dial 119    POLICE=dial 110

Both emergency numbers are able to handle calls from people speaking only English

City Night Clinic: (1F Takasaki Public Heath Center, Takamatsu-cho 5-28), Mon-Fri=7:30pm-10pm; Sat, Sun, pub. hol=7pm-10pm


TELL Tokyo English Life Line

Every day for 45 years TELL Lifeline has been providing important connections and support to people all across Japan. We save lives.TEL: 03-5774-0992

(9am – 11pm every day)https://telljp.com/lifeline/


Urgent Children’s Health Consultations

DIAL #8000 for urgent children’s health consultations at night and on holidays. Gunma Prefecture provides this telephone service for parents so they can receive advice from nurses and public health advisors about what to do in various urgent situations involving their child’s health at night and on weekends when regular clinics are not open.

For: Parents/guardians of children under 15 years

Available: Monday to Saturday=6pm to 8am the following day; Sunday, public holidays, end of year period=9am to 8pm the following day

How to call: Dial #8000 by pressing the hash key (#) followed by 8000 (not available from IP or pulse dial connections, these people must call from a mobile phone)

Please note:

・In a medical emergency, dial 119

・This service cannot diagnose or treat your child

・For information about hospitals that are on duty during holiday periods, call 027-325-0011.


International Medical Information Center

The AMDA International Medical Information Center provides information about hospitals with foreign language speaking staff, explanation of the Japanese medical system and telephone interpreting.

TEL: 03-5285-8088

Available: Everyday 9am-8pm

Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, etc.