Cool Takasaki Presents: Silk Cocoon Craft Event

The next event in the Cool Takasaki series is a guided tour through the Prefectural Nippon Silk Center and its special exhibition on silkworms. Learn about the process of silk production and how it is used to make things like kimono. Finally, try making your very own silk cocoon craft!


What is Cool Takasaki?

Cool Takasaki is a series of TIRS events that highlight the many talented people living and working in Takasaki. Some events are designed so that foreign residents may experience traditional Japanese culture, while others are created for Japanese locals to experience the wealth of foreign culture that can be found right here in Takasaki.

Participants of any Cool Takasaki event agree to take photos and videos that they will later share on their various social media platforms, using hashtags such as #cooltakasaki. This is a great way to show the entire world what fun and exciting new cultural experiences await them in our beloved city!


Event Information

Date: Saturday, July 13th

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Place: Nippon Silk Center, AKA Nippon Kinu no Sato (Kaneko-machi 888-1)

Cost: 550 yen

Participants: Up to 15 foreign residents who live or work in Takasaki

How to sign-up: Please contact TIRS at with the following information: your name, nationality, phone number, and email address. Deadline to sign-up is June 17th.

Note: It is recommended to come by car or taxi as the bus does not come out that way frequently. There is also a small cafe and gift shop on-site for those who are interested in spending more time at the Silk Center after the event has ended.

Inquiries: Please contact TIRS either via email or by phone at 027-321-1201; (English or Japanese is OK)

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