MIG Medical Interpreters Gunma

Medical Interpreters Gunma (MIG) dispatches medical interpreters in response to requests from medical institutions, public health centers and individual patients.

From September 2020 to September 2021, the service is FREE for foreign residents, thanks to the generosity of funding provided by The Mitsubishi Foundation and the Central Community Chest of Japan. 

Interpretation fee: 4,000 yen for two hours (as a general rule)

(The patient pays 2,000 yen, and the remaining 2,000 yen is covered by the medical institution or MIG)  ※Totally free until September, 2021.

Contact: Make a request by phone or FAX one week in advance unless it is an emergency, in which case contact us anytime. 

Tel: 027-289-2440   (Office hours:  Monday-Friday  9:30-16:30)

Email: mig-office@iryotsu@gunma.org

More information: MIG website