SOS Service for Families of Small Children


TEL: 027-384-8009, 8:30am-6pm daily

This is a new home helper-style service provided by Takasaki city, aimed at supporting families by taking away some of the burden of household chores. A helper will visit you at home generally within one hour of your call to help you with what you need done.

Can be used by:

  • Residents of Takasaki who have children not yet in elementary school
  • Can be used regardless of whether parents are living with other family members or not

Can help with:

  • Help with feeding, changing and bathing babies
  • Meal preparation for the family, tiding up after meals
  • Cleaning the living room, kitchen or toilet
  • Doing laundry and ironing
  • Running errands to the supermarket, paying bills
  • Listening to parents’ concerns, giving advice

Cost: 250 yen per hour (paid in cash on the day)