Important Notice about COVID-19 Vaccinations (from Takasaki city)

Foreign residents registered in Takasaki are also eligible for vaccination. 

As of the end of May, vaccination has only started for people aged 80 years and older. The start of vaccinations for people 79 years and younger is not yet decided. Please be patient and wait for the announcement of the start of vaccinations for your age group.

Rollout schedule 

  1. Vaccination COUPONS* arrive by post (keep them in a safe place, they are needed on vaccination day)  *The vaccination COUPONS are printed on one A4-sized sticker paper. They will arrive in an envelope with other documents related to the vaccination.
  2. A POSTCARD from Takasaki city arrives to let you know when your age group is eligible for vaccination
  3. Make a vaccination appointment from the date stated on the POSTCARD

Vaccination appointments (people who have received a POSTCARD)