Coupons for Families Raising Children


As a measure to help families with children handle the financial burden caused by the COVID-19 situation, Takasaki will send out a booklet of coupons (1,000 yen x 50) for a total value of 50,000 yen to each household which has children up to 15 years of age. The coupons can be used at participating stores in Takasaki for goods or services.


Eligible Families: Are those who fulfill both of the criteria below

  1. Received the jido teate (child allowance) for a child between April and June 2020 (or for March if the child is a high school student from April)
  2. Have a child who was a registered resident of Takasaki on 31st May 2020


How to Receive: Eligible families will be sent the coupons by registered post at the end of July


Amount: 50,000 yen worth (1,000 yen x 50) per family, regardless of the number of children


Valid: Saturday 1st August 2020—Saturday 31st July 2021