Recycling Events & News


Recycling Events At Takasaki Reuse Center

Location: Kuragano-machi 1691

Time: 9:30am-2:30pm


Display of items for giveaway to the public

Dates: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November

Details: Household items such as chests of drawers, tables and other furniture collected as part of the city’s oversized waste collection program that are still in good condition are given to the public free of charge. One item per person. If more than one person requests the same item, a draw will be held

Eligibility: Must be 18 years of age or older

Bring: Photo ID

Pickup: Must be able to pick up the item themselves from Saturday 16th to Sunday 24th November, 10am to 3pm (until 12 noon on weekends/public holidays)


Collection & exchange of used clothing/books

Dates: Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th November

Details: Bring in your pre-loved clothing and books, and give them free of charge to others

Clothing guidelines: Must be washed, without tears or stains; scarves, towels and sheets also accepted

Items not accepted: Leather goods, socks, hats, bathroom items, mattresses or other items filled with stuffing

Book guidelines: Books that are not damaged

Disposal of tires, wheels, old car batteries, fire extinguishers, etc. (incurs a fee)

Date: Saturday 9th November

Fee: Varies depending on the item


Disposal of small household appliances

Date: Sunday 10th November

Items accepted: Household appliances measuring under 50cm on one side that run by electricity or battery

Items not accepted: TVs, air conditioners, fridges, washing machines, items with cloth or wooden parts (electric carpets/wooden framed speakers), light bulbs, batteries

Caution: Please erase any personal information from computers/cell phones before disposal


Reducing Household Waste

Takasaki’s per capita household waste is high compared to other cities, but there are certain measures everyone can take to help reduce it.

  1. Remember the 3 Rs. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  2. Separate waste correctly to maximize recycling of items such as paper from envelopes, calendars, paper bags, wrapping paper, etc.
  3. Use the Takasaki Waste App さんあーる on your phone to remind you of your recycling days and to check which category waste belongs to.