Takasaki Premium Gift Vouchers


Application forms were sent out to eligible people for the purchase of Takasaki Premium Gift Vouchers. These vouchers allow the user to purchase goods and services at a reduced price. Eligible people are those not subject to resident tax (due to low income, etc.) and households with children aged 3 and under).

Applications: First apply by filling out the application form that is sent to you by 31st December.

Purchasing your vouchers: Approved applicants will be sent official notification of their eligibility to purchase vouchers. Take it to the city hall or Takasaki post offices from October along with your ID to purchase them.

Can be used at: More than 1000 businesses in Takasaki from October 2018.

Value: Allows for the purchase of 5000 yen worth of goods/services for only 4000 yen.