Takasaki International Festival


Come and get your fix of international food, performances and experiences at the 29th International Festival!

Date & Time: Sunday 27th October, 11am-3pm

Place: Viento Takasaki (Tonya-machi 2-7)

Stage: Belly dance, Thai dance, Korean dance and song, Vietnamese dance, Brazilian capoeira, etc.

Restaurants: Laitai (Thai), Shinchuka Bussanten (Chinese), Purupuru Horumon (Korean), Boulangerie Momo Pan (French bakery), Caffe Siesta (Philippine), Bears Foot Ave. (Tex-Mex), etc.

Activities: Try on traditional clothing from various countries, wear a yukata, play English board games, Taiwan tea ceremony, JOMO JET International Festival Corner with information from around the English speaking world and beyond, souvenir flea market, face painting, origami, etc.