Kurabuchi English Village Recruitment


Takasaki city is now recruiting students who wish to spend a year immersed in nature and English in the Kurabuchi English Village for the 2020 school year. Students will attend Kurabuchi Elementary or Junior High School, while living in the village interacting with native speaking staff and enjoying many great activities and events designed to improve their English.

Eligibility: Must fulfill each of the 3 following conditions

  1. Will be in 4th grade elementary to 2nd grade junior high school age in the next school year
  2. Healthy in mind and body, and able to attend school in Kurabuchi for one year
  3. 3. Interested in learning English.

Applications: Due by 31st October 2019 via the Kurabuchi English Village website.

Explanation Session & Tour of Facilities:

Date & Time: Sunday 15th September, and Saturday 12th October, 10am-12:15pm and 2:45pm-5pm.

Place: Kurabuchi English Village

Registration: To attend, register via the Village website before the day.