Summer Festivals


Haruna Furusato Fireworks

Date: Thursday 15th August, 7:30pm-9pm

Place: Karasugawa Park (Shimo-Muroda) & nearby sports ground


Shinmachi Fireworks & Lantern Festival

Date: Friday 16th August, from 5:40pm

Place: Karasugawa Sogo Ground (Shinmachi) and Nukui River bank

Attractions: Drumming, Bon-Odori dancing, fireworks 7:45pm-9pm.


Kurabuchi Summer Festival

Date: Saturday 19th August, from 2:30pm

Place: Kurabuchi Branch Office

Attractions: Brass band, floats, bingo, children’s dance group, fireworks 8pm-8:30pm.


Gunma Haniwa-no-sato Summer Festival

Date: Sunday 18th August, from 1pm

Place: Haniwa-no-Sato Park (Hodota-machi)

Attractions: Traditional entertainment, balloon art, mini-train rides. fish grabbing, food and drink stalls, stage performances, fireworks7:30pm-8:15pm.