33rd Annual Takasaki Film Festival

23rd March-7th April 2019

As part of this year’s festival, there will be a special program of four Japanese films screened with English subtitles, so even if your Japanese isn’t up to understanding a movie level, you’ll be able to appreciate these unique Japanese films.


One Cut of the Dead 【カメラを止めるな!】

Date & Time: Saturday 30th March,12:00-13:36

Venue: Takasaki Culture Center (Suehiro-cho 23-1)


And Your Bird Can Sing【きみの鳥はうたえる】

Date & Time: Saturday 30th March,15:30-17:16

Venue: Takasaki Culture Center (Suehiro-cho 23-1)


Orphans’ Blues【オーファンズ・ブルース】

Dates & Times: Thursday 4th April 19:50-21:19, Friday 5th April 17:20-18:49

Venue: Cinematheque Takasaki (Ara-machi 202)



Date & Time: Sunday 7th April 15:00-16:17

Venue: Takasaki City Gallery (Takamatsu-cho 35-1)


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