Applications for Childcare Places (hoikuen)


Applying for a Childcare Place for Children: Application procedure changes from April 2019

Applications now accepted once each month, results available within 2 weeks

How to apply: Contact the childcare center of your choice in advance and inspect the facilities. Application forms are available from the center. Complete the application form, attach any required documents, and submit it to the Childcare Division at Takasaki City Hall, or the Citizens Welfare Division at Branch Offices by the due date for entry of each particular month. It is now possible to apply for a place throughout the year. The result of the application will be mailed to you within 2 weeks.

Application Dates:

  • For places available from June 2019, apply between 1st-9th April
  • For places available from July, apply between 13th-21st May

Other dates will be available when enquiring, or in the Koho Takasaki Magazine.