Recruiting Self-Defense Force Cadets


The Japan Self-Defense Forces are now recruiting cadets to become fixed-term members of the land, sea and air forces from April 2019.


【Term & Prospects】

The fixed term for Land Self-Defense cadets is 2 years, and 3 years for Sea and Air cadets. After serving the fixed term, cadets can choose to stay on in the Self-Defense Force and take other exams and qualifications to work up the ranks, or take a job introduced to them through the Ministry of Defense or Self Defense Forces employment support office.


【Salary & Benefits】

Cadets are paid a salary as well as special monthly allowances and a lump sum upon the completion of  a fixed term and enjoy annual leave, special leave, health services, occupational insurance, and have all daily needs met during the term.



Age: 18-32 years old

Testing: (1) Written test consisting of junior high school level Japanese, math and social studies, and an essay; (2) Interview; (3) Physical & aptitude tests.

※People with Japanese and another country’s nationality (dual nationals) are eligible to apply.


【Upcoming Recruitment Days】

①Saturday 9th February 2019, at Camp Somagahara, Shinto Village (相馬原駐屯地)

②Saturday 9th March 2019, at Camp Shinmachi, Takasaki City (新町駐屯地)


【More Information】(In Japanese only)

Takasaki Office of Gunma District Self-Defense Headquarters

Takasaki-shi, Ara-machi 5-5

TEL: 027-326-1761