Final Tax Filing FY2018 (Kakutei Shinkoku)


Tax filing on income earned between January 1st and December 31st 2018 is due between Monday 18th February and Friday 15th March 2019. If you’ve had income from more than one source and a tax adjustment was not done by your place of employment, go to one of the locations below with your completed paperwork, My Number card and all applicable pay slips or notices of tax paid to prove your total income, along with any other documents for receiving tax deductions (proof of payment for life insurance, earthquake insurance, proof of dependent family, house loans, etc.)

*People claiming dependents over 16 years of age can only file their tax at the Viento location.

Filing Locations: Takasaki City Hall 2nd floor Tax Division or Viento Takasaki (Tonya-machi 2-7)

More Information: National Tax Agency website