Shinmachi Doll Festival & Decorative Sushi Roll Making Class


Cool Takasaki is the name of our special classes that aim to bring authentic cultural experiences to the city. Participants use Facebook and other social media to record their experience, and promote the rich selection of Japanese and international cultures in Takasaki.

Shinmachi Doll Festival & Decorative Sushi Roll Making Class

For people with foreign backgrounds

Hina Matsuri is celebrated on the 3rd March each year, and is often referred to as the Doll Festival because of the tiered displays of ornamental dolls that are put on show in private homes and businesses. Every year the Shinmachi area of Takasaki puts on a huge event celebrating the festival, and stores and houses in the area display their dolls for the public to admire. There are also flea markets, outdoor food and drink stalls and live entertainment in the nearby park.


Class Details: Learn to prepare sushi in the shape of prince and princess Hina dolls made by rolling different colored sushi rice decorated with sesame, seaweed, egg, cucumber, etc. Enjoy eating what you’ve prepared accompanied by green tea. Take a walk through the town to view the beautiful doll displays.


About the Teacher: Licensed decorative sushi instructor, Ms. Fumiko Takahashi

Date & Time: Saturday 2nd March, 11am-2pm

Place: Shinmachi Community Center (Shinmachi  2271-1), a 5 minute walk from JR Shinmachi Station.

Cost: 1000 yen

Capacity: 16 participants

Sign Up: Call the TIRS office (details at bottom).

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