Korean Language Course


In order to increase the number of people living in Takasaki with an understanding of the language and culture of foreign residents, the TIRS is holding a beginners Korean course. Participants will learn basic Korean conversation, and how to read and write the script.

Period: Tuesday 8th January-Tuesday 12th March 2019, every Tuesday for a total of 10 lessons.

Time: 1:30pm to 3:15pm.

Place: Chuo Kominkan (Suehiro-cho)

Eligible participants: People aged 18 years or over who have never learnt Korean before.

Max. participants: 20 (selected on merit)

Course content: Basic conversation and reading/writing script while learning about Korean culture and way of life.

Teacher: Ms. Chonsuk CHE

Course fee: \3,000 for TIRS members, \5,000 for non members (plus an extra \2,000 for the purchase of the course textbook)

To apply: Send a postcard to the TIRS office (address at bottom) by Friday 7th December, and include the following information: Your name, address, telephone number, and reasons for wanting to take the course.