Recycling Events at Takasaki Reuse Center


Time: 9:30am-2:30pm

Place: Takasaki Reuse Center (Kuragano-machi, grounds of NTT)

  1. Collection and swap of old clothes and books

Date: Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November

Applicable items:

  • Clothing and other materials (no leather products, socks, stockings or hats). Wash everything and make sure nothing is stained/ripped.
  • Books including comics and magazines.

Left over items of clothing collected will be exported overseas, turned into rags or the cotton will be recycled. Books will be recycled to be made into boxes, new books or cardboard.

Members of the public may attend and take home up to 10 items for free


  1. Display of large household items for giveaway to the public

Date: Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November

Includes mostly furniture that has been collected as a part of the city’s waste management program that is deemed still useable.

Conditions: Members of the public aged over 18 may apply to receive one item. A draw will be held if an item is requested by more than one person. Must be able to remove the item yourself from the Reuse Center between Saturday 17th and Sunday 25th November, 10am-3pm (9am-12 noon on weekends & public holidays).


  1. Free collection of small household appliances that operate by electricity or battery

Date: Saturday 10th November

Please remove any personal data from computers/phones beforehand


  1. Collection of used tires (fee charged)

Date: Sunday 11th November. Collection fee varies depending on the item.